Music always has a place on my calendar. It was and early passion, I started as a Jazz guitar major in college and over the years have developed several music related apps.

  • ShowHops

    After developing ConcertVibe a few years ago I have had some other ideas about it and started working on it again and changed the name to ShowHops. Check it out if you have time. Umphrey’s Mcgee has a crazy tour coming up Working with some new libraries like timelinejs you can now scrub through […]
  • StubStreet

    StubStreet incorporates many social APIs including Jambase, LastFM, Twitter, Facebook, OpenID, Foursquare, Yelp, Cooliris, RSS and NPR. Mapping is also a big part of the site which includes both Google maps API and Bing maps API. I did _not_ do the main design on this site. I developed all MySQL databases, PHP libraries and jQuery […]