I worked on and developed websites in an array of markets including social media, city portal sites, big data video games, cooking and brewing to real estate.

  • Brewing

    Brewing occupies my weekends sometimes, but so does writing software. BrewBench is my first attempt at brewing software and it runs on an Arduino. It is a kettle temperature monitor, controller and notification system that can also work as a RIMS system. Check it out on hackster and the code on github.
  • Music

    Music always has a place on my calendar. It was and early passion, I started as a Jazz guitar major in college and over the years have developed several music related apps.
  • Hackathons

    I enjoy competing hackathons, which range from 24-48 hours and form a complete business plan, app design, dev and even an MVP. Here are a few of the hackathons I’ve participated in and placed in. Not all have prizes and placements but the ones that do are below. For tips on how to win a […]
  • Friends

    Friends sites I’ve worked on. Some WordPress and some just one page.
  • Email

    While email is an necessary piece to any website I have also developed several systems specifically related to email. Including a developing a proprietary authentication protocol and open routing API.
  • Real Estate

    I have done several real estate sites, both brokerages and broker sites for commercial and private property.
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