I enjoy competing hackathons, which range from 24-48 hours and form a complete business plan, app design, dev and even an MVP. Here are a few of the hackathons I’ve participated in and placed in. Not all have prizes and placements but the ones that do are below. For tips on how to win a hackathon, check out my post on that.




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Dec 2015

Bluemixathon IBM Bluemix Hackathon ONLINE

Category winner for Mobilize

Sept 2014

MJStartup Hackathon DENVER, CO

2nd place for CraftedHere

Aug 2014

National Defense University Disaster App Challenge WASHINGTON, DC

1st place for GovSafe

Jul 2014

Accela Construct App Challenge SAN DIEGO, CA

2nd place for GovSafe

Jun 2014

Esri Climate Resilience App Challenge SAN DIEGO, CA

2nd place for FloodForecast

May 2014

Hack4Colorado DENVER, CO

2nd place and best in show for FloodForecast

May 2014

Google GovDev Challenge DENVER, CO

1st place Challenge #1 for GovSafe

Jul 2013

MusicHackDay July 2013 DENVER, CO

Best use of the AlchemyAPI for ConcertVibe

Jun 2013

Hack4Colorado DENVER, CO

1st place, best in show, best tourism app and best use of Esri maps for CraftedHere