While email is an necessary piece to any website I have also developed several systems specifically related to email. Including a developing a proprietary authentication protocol and open routing API.

  • Email Alert

    Early on in my dev career I developed an email alert system that was used by local businesses and law enforcement. Members could upload images and text, say an image from a security camera, and send this to designated groups of members on the system. Law enforcement could also upload local crimes and blotter info […]
  • Message Level

    I co-authored and developed the Message Level Authentication Protocol (MLAP) in early 2003, which was an end-to-end email authentication protocol designed to stop spoofing and thus spam. This was before DKIM and SenderID and a real shame that patents and investors couldn’t get behind it fast enough. I still have hope in the technology and […]
  • MailHops

    I developed an open API that uses GeoIP and Reverse DNS to return IP location, distance traveled and host name for a string of IP Addresses found in the header of an Email. I have also written several plugins that use the MailHops API. Including one for Thunderbird and Postbox. Launched: Mar 2011 All […]