My Work

Often involves DevOps, Systems Design and Full Stack Development with many popular stacks.  Sometimes IoT and mobile web app development.


Featured Project

Rock My Map

Developed for the 2019 MongoDB World Hackathon, Rock My Map will map a bands shows during a given year.

Featured Project

Brew Bench

BrewBench is an open source IoT project for commercial and home brewing.  Remotely monitor and control temperatures for your brew session and fermenters.

Featured Project

Beer Fest

Another beer project I put together after going to GABF and looking for JSON data of the winners.  After not finding anything I built this with plans to build more data viz around this content.

Featured Project

Mail Hops

Is an email routing API that shows the sender location of an email message.  Which country, state / province or ISP did an email come from.  

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